Sunday, September 20, 2009

Nintendo Wii for $199 / ( Rs. 9950 ) Officially ! ?

I had posted one earlier on my "Hunt for the nintendo wii" here India and I just forgot about it all being busy in other stuff.

Recently I came across a website that talks only about nintendo since 1996 which confirms the price of wii to be reduced to $199 on the sunday, September 27th, I know this is very exciting but I am not really sure about this until I see it everywhere.

One of the staff of "Nintendojo" was attending a retailer conference call where Nintendo confirmed the new $199 Wii price.
I am hoping this is the real deal, and if it is. I'm getting one then and there.

This can't be guaranteed, so don't go jumping all over, wait till the 27th and go get your wii On !


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