Sunday, August 30, 2009

My hunt for the nintendo wii - India

I am not much of a gaming person, the only games I've played are counter strike, Grand theft auto, quake and need for speed for the maximum of a week then the game is deleted and replaced by quality audio samples for my production resources.
It was long ago, I think in the 2006 that Nintendo announced the Wii, I was pretty impressed about it when I heard about the wireless controls and all but I never went and googled about it. Till a week ago, I saw the wii fit, the sports resort and more games that have such a wonderful game play experience.

I'm really looking forward to get this wonderful console, the Sony PS3 and Xbox owners are complaining about the lack of hi-def graphics. That doesn't matter much to me. I just want to feel the wiimote vibrate as I play all those sports games and steer through the new LCD screen that we're planning on getting soon, lets hope for the best. I sure will let you know whether I get it or not.

I am not very sure I am going to be able to buy this gadget, but now I'm on the search for the cheapest price I can get in Pune city.
I went in a shop and he quoted me a 13.5k, not bad, but after 3 years of launch the cost of a electronic unit has to go down a lot !
Croma stores are selling at 22K!, this but they are providing a 1 year warranty the unit being from Dubai, it according to me is right, Dubai used to be cheap for gadgets but that's history.


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