Thursday, September 10, 2009

About Me :

Getting into music was a very different way at a very young age for me.
I came across a digital audio workstation in my 4th Grade.
The first day I made a song was on it, since then I have been experimenting, learning and making sounds expressing the feelings that lie inside.
The fascination to make music has been ever growing.

I'm currently into music composing, mastering, song writing, no particular genre, most of it is hip hop/trance fusion.
Now I'm taking this love of mine seriously, currently working on getting my degrees in audio engineering, pro tools certification and making more and more music applying not only knowledge that I see but also that I come across at random times like the early morning, late night and implementing it in my tracks to get a sound that's never heard before.


Yatin Dabhi

Dude I still remember once said you only write best lyrics is when you feel it.
"Thanks 4 ur advice Buddy"


You have amazing music, do you have a cd yet?


Hey, you got really nice beats !

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